Restaurant and bar branding for Serendipity Raquet Club. This is some more text that I am adding here.

Sarasota Film Festival

Campaign for Sarasota Film Festival

Sarasota Film Festival

Campaign for Sarasota Film Festival

Recoloration Proclamation

Documentary trailer and titling sequence


Animated poetry produced for "Bitmap Slave Model" show


"Pencil" by Carol King

Light Thickens

Poster design


Poster design

Red Wednesday

DVD package design


Catalog design

Café DMX

2-Sided Trade Show Booth

Barbara Banks Photography

Identity, website and campaign materials

New College

Annual report design


Comic book design

Working Class

Magazine design for print and web

Sabrina Small

Exhibition catalog design

Stone Enterprises

Brochure and identity design

Living Walls

Website design

Ungala Gala

Ungala Gala campaign materials

Ungala Gala

Ungala Gala campaign materials

The Freezer Show

Set design and website for The Freezer late night talk show

Portfolio Kit

Booklet & DVD Portfolio

92 or Bruce Lee

Stills from short film

Club 2040

Branding and brochure design

Bleushift Calendar

Calendar design

Cà d’Zan

Poster design

A Bolt from the Sky

Book design and illustration

The Backlot

Poster design

André Chenier

Music Video for Francis Schwartz "The Headless Glory of André Chenier"

360 Press

Branding for large commercial printing company.

Alerio Murals

Environmental graphics for Alerio trade show booth

Alerio Brochure

Corporate brochure for Alerio.

Creative Research Lab

Exhibition Catalog for University of Texas Creative Research Lab