Welcome to my website. I'm a former creative director turned food and wine geek working in the wine industry. I make fabulous Mexican food and killer margaritas. I pour BCN Gin for anyone who will listen. For fun I bartend and work as a line cook in my friend's restaurant. I also fly through the air with the greatest of ease. Don't believe me? Watch this.

I began working as a graphic designer during the advent of the Mac. Later, I studied at SVA and Pratt in NYC. I began freelancing for a diverse group of clients including a fringe literary magazine and a group of female impersonators. In 1994, I fled the urban jungle and moved to the beach. I started branching off into film and video. In 2001, I founded Bleushift, a visual arts studio producing commercial work as well as works for exhibition.

As the the tangible universe got sucked into an app, I left the country and wandered the Earth with a backpack. Upon my return I unplugged and haven't looked back since. Now I'm back in my hometown of Boston. I spend my days exploring the endless world of amazing wines and introducing people to my favorites.

Author of "Love, Alienation and Other Tortures," a short story published in "New Voices" Magazine.

Worked under production designer Carlo Simi (The Good, The Bad and the Ugly) on two Italian films.

Briefly had a comic series called Somnambule published in The Blackheart Irregulars before it went belly up.

Sang "I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet" by request to the closing credits of a local talk show after my guest appearance.

Featured as 10 People to Watch in the Florida West Coast Business Journal in 2006.

Taught English and Art at the Shilela Academy in Boma N'Gombe, Tanzania at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

From The Top audio comedy series
Robot Livin’ Life shorts series
Sarasota F ilm F estival tv spot series
Planned Parenthood AIDS
Awareness tv spot
Haunted Hollywood tv spot series
Films in the Park tv spot
Life In Minor short film
Two-Cycle short film
Dangerous World short film
92 or Bruce Lee short film
Beach Lessons short film
Ghost short film
Sketch short film
Flowers short film
The Headless Glory of Andreé
Chenier music video
Caligula music video
The Death of Garcia Lorca
music video

From The Top audio comedy series
DMX 4 Up video series
Dangerous World short film
92 or Bruce Lee short film
Beach Lessons short film
Ghost short film
Recoloration Proclamation trailer

The Freezer Show
Life In Minor short film
DMX 4 Up video series

The American Institute of Graphic Arts
The American Advertising Federation
The International Gallery of Superb Printing,
Print Magazine
The French Paper Company

March 2006
San Juan Film Festival
Puerto Rico

November 2005
subOp Group Show
Sarasota, Florida

October 2005
White Dog Studio
Small & Lovely Juried Show
Sarasota, Florida

October 2005
Digital Three Studio
Bridge Exhibit Invitational
Sarasota, Florida

November 2005
Pure/Impure 2 Group Show
Sarasota, Florida
Curated by Nick Katranis

November 2004
Metamorphosis Gallery
Group Show
Sarasota, Florida

July 2004
Florida Holocaust Museum
Embracing Our Differences Invitational
Tampa, Florida
Curated by Mark Ormond

February 2004
Untitled Wow Group Show
Sarasota, Florida

June 2004
Bitmap Slave Model
Group Show
Sarasota, Florida

July 2003
Pure/Impure Group Show
Sarasota, Florida
Curated by Nick Katranis

April 2002
The Digital Realm
Group Show
Sarasota, Florida

April 2002
Pure Samples
Group Show
Curated by Sabrina Small

Black Heart Irregulars
Boys & Girls Clubs
Circus Sarasota
Florida Historical Society
Florida Holocaust
Florida Tourism Bureau
Florida West Coast
The Hunterdon Museum
of Art
Infinite Space Theatre
The John & Mable
Ringling Museum of Art
Renovo FYI
Roots of Brazil Dance
Sarasota Arts Review
Sarasota Film Festival
Sarasota Magazine
Serengeti Eyewear
Sonic Tap
University of South
Florida New College
University of Texas
Creative Research Lab
Working Class Magazine